How to Help

TRCDO is a certified 501c3 nonprofit providing essential support and helping to build communities in the Chicagoland area and beyond, with operation funds thanks to awarded grants and donations.


We gratefully accept donations through our dedicated Paypal account. Since TRCDO is a registered 501(c)(3), all contributions are tax-exempt. Please send us a note at and we will happily provide a letter of thanks.

Volunteer and Community Service

TRCDO is proud to fulfill Community Service requirements through rewarding internships and volunteer programs within the umbrella of community programs. Recently, our volunteers grew and maintained our community garden at 10194 South Winston Avenue in Chicago, the first in the community!

To learn more about volunteering with the Harvest for the World Food Pantry, click here.
To apply for a year-round internships geared toward students, send us an email.

For any further information or applications, our door is open!
Phone: (773) 881-0761