Total Served/Direct Impact – 54,376

Our collaborative efforts for 2012 programs include SAMHSA/CSAP, Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Chicago Public Schools, Safe Haven, Afterschool Matters, US Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), Prevention Partnership (PP), Vitas, Greater Chicago Food Depository, FGBCF Midwest Region and State of Illinois Men and Youth, Greater Roseland Food Depository, and CEDA/LIHEAP. Provided below is an overview of our year to date impact by program.

  1. Community Outreach:Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Program and Cook County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program (CCMFMP) for homeowners assistance.
  2. Education: Afterschool Matter Summer Internship Program for Youth: Citywide Music Appreciation Program.
  3. Development Programs: Partnered with Afterschool Matters, Each One Reach One Child, SUCCESS for TEENS and CHA for summer; and Chicago Public Schools Safe Haven and Catholic Charities during Christmas break. Served average of 28 youth daily. Provided training to interns for Media, Arts, and Business Programs.
  4. Circle of Knowledge Alternative Accredited High School Program: We have graduated 74 students from this high school program.
  5. Training and Development: Provided sessions on organization, structure to church leaders, management training in the area of Grant Management,Strategy at Regional and International Summits.
  6. Family and Youth Support: Hosted summit for married couples, “Building Solid Relationships within the Family”, with CEDA & Prevention Partnership and the Football Classics for the Youth, “Awareness and Prevention”.
  7. Prison In and Out Reach: Collaboration with Cook County Department of Corrections and Triedstone Prison Ministry where 6,444 inmates were served, which included 2,065 new participants.
  8. Substance Abuse Prevention Program: Collaborative programs focused on substance abuse prevention, domestic violence, STDs, and veteran’s transitional programs. This awareness education is provided across services.
  9. Health Awareness Programs : HIV AIDS, Prostate Cancer Awareness, Illinois Poison Control, Fitness Team : Via multiple collaborations, we reached 1,309 people directly, HIV AIDS tested 115 , facilitated 43 events, and produced 3 PSAs. 2011, serving as Faith-based liaison for the Illinois Poison Control Center.; reaching 1,822 individuals, 47 churches; and 333 men reached with Awareness information, 100 men received free screening; and Prevention Partnership included hosting a two day HIV/AIDS Awareness and Program Capacity Building conference, 175 attendees were present. Fitness Walk held and Monthly Classes hosted to community.
  10. Harvest for the World Food Pantry: Served 44,354 Individuals in 2012.
  11. Certified Housing Agency: Assisting 1,250 families through HUD, CCMFMP and Illinois Hardest Hit Programs as Housing Agency
  12. CEDA LIHEAP: Processed 743 applications for Heating, Energy, and Home Weatherization Assistance.
  13. TFGBC Community Fun Fest: Working with multiple health partners, this annual event serviced +500 individuals with free health screenings, exams and testing.
  14. US Surgeon General Medical Reserve Center (MRC): Continue to develop MRC for preparedness within TRCDO.
  15. White House Faith-Based Initiative:Continued involvement with faith-based task force that serves as a conduit in the dissemination of program information and resources for community and FGBCF Council of Bishops.

Yearly Scorecards

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