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P4P Community Support HUB

The HUB mission is to strengthen capacity within faith-based communities for engagement in equitable partnerships with researchers.

Despite the COVID pandemic, in 2020 the HUB recruited patients/residents living in communities experiencing health disparities; stakeholders (government and community organization advocates) , and researchers from local universities (18). All recruits were connected, engaged and mentored throughout P4P HUB training.

Of these 63% were faith based and 37% were stakeholders engaged to share their expertise and perspectives with community teams once community members had collectively identified a shared health topic of interest.

Early community engagement with the HUB concept resulted in eight community priority presentations which can be viewed on Youtube. 

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Pre-Requisite for Community HUB Training

CIRTification Online | Center for Clinical and Translational Science | University of Illinois Chicago is a free, web-based human research protections training program tailored specifically to the needs and roles of community research partners. 

CIRTification introduces learners to the basics of the research – the terminology, people, and methods. It reviews the history of research abuses that has informed current ethical principles, rules, and regulations covering standards and best practices for: 

- Recruitment and informed consent
- Collecting and protecting data 
- Handling challenges that may arise during participant interactions
- Reviews the role of the institutional review board in protecting the right and safety of research participants

Resources include a dictionary of research terms and a toolbox related to human research protections. Learners complete a knowledge quiz at the end of the program and receive a date- stamped certificate of completion.

The program takes about 4 hours and can be completed in multiple sessions.

Available in English and Spanish. 

CIRTification Testimony

"Training provided me with the necessary information [and] why the training in needed to work in research projects/programs"

“I enjoy the skits after each session. It reinforced what the narrator had provided previously”

“I really enjoyed them all because the information provided was different for each category.”

I was excited that I was able to complete and pass the test.”

Community HUB Training

With the support of the HUB CAB and approval by the chair, project leaders designed a six module training program. Program activities were developed by P4P leaders building on Engaging Faith Based Communities with Health Research: Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry Ambassador Facilitator Manual published November 2018 on Amazon Kindle). 

During Modules 1-3 (8) HUB Teams completed activities to build capacity to collaboratively develop topic proposals addressing faith based community health and wellbeing issues emerging from the COVID pandemic.  

Community HUB Activity

Identification of Topics that Matter
Nomination of HUB Team Leaders 
Engaging External Stakeholders
Recording Team Activity 
Outlining an Action Plan
Team Presentation of Topics that Matter

CAB HUB Testimonials

"It has been important to me, to share with the community that researchers need you, they need your input to enhance their knowledge. Let them know that without your community input a lot of your research will not [be] going anywhere, because you need that information from the people. [In turn] by finding out what it is that researchers want, you can give to them and they in turn will be opened up to give back to you." (TRCDO/P4P CAB; Church Elder, Chicago Public Schools)

"Community Members are really community engaged research change agents, you know you really cultivated change agents in this space. Obviously, you knew the seed was already there, but you know this program, the HUB was kind of like the water and the fertilizer and you know the nourishment to like to develop the [member] ability to tap into resources around us. I really enjoyed being a part of this, this is just a beautiful network ..." (ARCC at Northwestern University; TRCDO/P4P CAB; EverThrive, Illinois)

"I just wanted to say that for me, it was wonderful to see those individuals really taking this process very seriously and coming up with some excellent you know research ideas, I was very impressed by those spokespersons, that I was able to see/hear, and to partner with  … I [have] really enjoyed seeing the progression, you know from when I started to now. You guys are doing an excellent job. I know, for me, what is very touching to me (being a strong supporter and advocate of a Community driven research agenda) is really seeing you planting the seeds to empower those amazing community members to be the ones driving their research agenda. … through this curriculum you're giving them this empowerment to drive their own agenda for research relevant for themselves, you know." (TRCDO/P4P CAB; Chicago Public Health Department; Coordinator of Research & Evaluation; C3)

"Space...  this is beautiful... that's something that many people need to learn from you honestly. and how it has come together, you took the entire team in their mindset and changed their thinking, which is the hardest thing to do ...changing the thinking is where changing of behavior comes in, so you guys have a secret there." (Worry Free Community; TRCDO/P4P CAB) 

"I had conversations with three academic medical centers last week, and they are [scared] of engaging communities. I mean really building that partnership and sustaining it to be equal partners. It has been very difficult for some of them, (not all of them) to do it and it's still a journey to engage in, orientate and support" (Health Research Associates; TRCDO/P4P CAB; PCORI Ambassador) 

"... and the one thing [I love] is we are all trying to go the same direction. You know, we may come from different communities, we may have different mindset, we may be, old, young but we're all trying to go to this same place, and I think that's what draws us to PCORI." (Momma's House; TRCDO/P4P CAB; PCORI Ambassador)

"Okay, I want to stay engaged with Pastors4PCOR because the faith based community knows what's happening at the ground level. We are the ones that need to tell the researchers what's happening, we need to be the ones to guide them to give them direction. ... We need to expand, because there are things going on that affect us and we see it, first in the church and we are the ones that need to get the word out there, that there are some things happening, and you need to look at this and stop saying what we need...  The reason I stayed with you all  is because love strong folks that can say look .. you got this wrong let's back it up a little bit, so I thank you for them" (Momma's House; TRCDO/P4P CAB; PCORI Ambassador)

"[being part of this CAB] gives me the ability to enrich and enhance my knowledge ... and being a part of the presentation that we did recently gave me an opportunity to move from that first initial step when my apostle engaged me. You find out that you have the capability … working with a group of different individuals, you find out what your strengths and your weaknesses are." (TRCDO/P4P CAB; Church Elder; Chicago Public Schools)

"We are [all] from different nationalities so there's nothing that anyone can approach us with that we cannot take in,  climb that mountain and come out on the other side.  ... [It has been important to me] to share with the community that researchers need you, they need your input  to enhance their knowledge. Let them know that without your community input a lot of your research will not [be] going anywhere, because you need that information from the people. [In turn] by finding out what it is that researchers want, you can give to them and they in turn will be opened up to give back to you" (Health Research Associates; TRCDO/P4P CAB; PCORI Ambassador) 

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